Golden Spoon – Food: Ice-cream

Golden Spoon®, a true Southern California frozen yogurt, is the fun, premium quality alternative to ice cream that tastes good with zero to low fat and very few calories. Golden Spoon painstakingly crafts each flavor to evoke an emotional connection between consumer and product. Golden Spoon yogurt provides more than dessert – we provide a memorable, healthy indulgence to our customers in the US, Japan and we are opening soon in the Philippines.

The vast majority of consumers prefer the taste and creamy texture of ice cream over tangy frozen yogurt, yet they want yogurt’s health benefits. Golden Spoon lets them have both. Once consumers experience Golden Spoon’s product, they don’t need to be persuaded to eat yogurt – the dessert’s great taste, smooth texture and obvious health benefits speak for its merit.

A pioneer in the frozen yogurt industry, our founder, Jeff Barnes focused on refining the company’s identity as the “ice cream lover’s frozen yogurt” by creating our own recipes using premium formulations. During our first 20 years, we focused on refining our product and process to deliver a premium-quality product to our customers – and a top-notch business experience to our licensees.

Our healthy ingredients and active yogurt cultures help to ensure that there is no other product in our industry as delicious or as healthy for you. Our uniquely rich-tasting and highly nutritious products have provided us with advantages our competitors simply cannot match.

Franchise Information

Franchise Type: Area License (minimum of 10 Golden Spoon® Units)
Min. Capital Requirement: USD1,000,000

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