Contour Express – Woman’s Fitness

900,000 women age 30-65 in Singapore do like to improve their body shape and health. This market segment is currently underserved! Based on a research report commissioned by the Singapore Sports Council on ‘Understanding Women’s Participation in Sports’, it was found that :

–  Women in this age group have less time due to work commitment, family and household chores
–  They want conveniently located facilities
–  They want exercise to be enjoyable
–  They desire for a female-friendly environment

Contours Express Unique Program:

29 Minutes Circuit program: Speedy, effective & loads of fun
Personalized: Your very own fitness routine to suit stamina, health condition & goals.
Supportive: Trainers on hand to guide and motivate.
Nutrition & dietary advice: Manage and lose weight healthily.
Convenience: Be the neighbourhood gym.
Affordable: Unlimited access monthly fee from $59 inclusive of personalized trainer service.
Low cost operation: Easy to manage and profitable.
Low start up cost: Good returns of investment.
Proven Business model: Over 540 studios in 19 countries.
Franchise Support: Extensive training and support for new business owners

Franchise Information

Franchise Type: Master Franchisee & Sub-franchisee in SEA countries
Min. Capital Requirement: Master Franchisee: USD200,000
Sub-franchisee: USD42,000 to USD65,000



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