Franchise Your Business 2016

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  • 於國際拓展業務時,你需面對人力資源和財務上的挑戰?
  • 拓展業務時,你希望盡可能降低風險?
  • 您需要架設一個特許經營系統,以按計劃地將業務走向國際化?



  • 公司業務是否適否特許經營?
  • 如何包裝好特許經營的概念?
  • 怎樣建立一個可複製的特許經營系統?
  • 如何令業務走向國際化?
  • 如何制定發展計劃?



Mr. Harish Babla
Harish 是Franchise Mind (美國) 的董事總經理、受認證的特許經營行政 (CFE) 講師、導師、高級培訓師,被公認為有遠見的、具有公認成功記錄的特許經營商。Harish先生現為全球各地的特許經營高級管理人員,進行教導工作及舉辦研討會。


日期:2016年11月27 – 29日

費用:每位港幣 $12,000 (3天)

  • 2人同行(同公司),可享8折優惠 ,合共只需港幣 $19,200 (3天)
  • 3人同行(同公司) ,可享7折優惠,合共只需港幣 $25,200 (3天)


查詢:(852) 2307 1083



Franchise Your Business

POSTED ON April 25th  - POSTED IN Events, Franchise Educational Programmes, Franchise Workshop

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Franchise Your Business Workshop (3 days)

You have decided to expand your business internationally?

~  You face challenges of human resources and financial capital to expand internationally?

~  You wish to have limited risk to expand your business internationally?

You want to consider setting up franchise system for your business to go international?


Interactive 3 days workshop outlines to learn the steps and processes to set up franchise system:

1)  Suitability for successful franchising
–> a) Understanding Franchise basics
–> b) Success of company stores/centers
–> c) Be clear on your “WHY” for Franchising
–> d) Your vision for a Franchise company
–> e) Right attitude for Franchising
–> f)  Suitability Assessment
–> g) Company stores vs Franchising Stores

2)  Packaging your concept for franchising
–> a) Defining your dynamic organisational culture
–> b) Identifying and preparing for your business eco-system
–> c) Creating your unique customer proposition
–> d) Key support services
–> e) Building the financial package ie franchise fees, royalties etc

3)  Building a replicable franchise system – 7 key elements
–> a) Business and Financial Modelling
–> b) Trademarks and Legal Agreements
–> c) Franchisee training program
–> d) Franchisee recruitment program
–> e) Franchisee Support program
–> f)  Infrastructure, Technology and Supply Chain

4)  8 steps to go International
–> a) Business plan and financial model
–> b) Protecting your brand
–> c) Infrastructure, Technology and Supply Chain
–> d) Operational Manual
–> e) Pre-opening manual
–> f)  Training program
–> g)  Franchise Recruitment System
–> h)  Franchise Support program

5)  Development plan to Franchise Our Business
–> a) Evaluate  3 development options:
——->  Outsource development plan to Franchise Consultants
——->  Attend structured training with mentoring support
——->  Research and Do It Yourself.
–> b) Development time schedules
–> c) Financial investment
–> d) Make decision

Investment: HK12,000 per person for 3 days workshop. For guaranteed seats, payment is required.

If you are interested in attending this Seminar, you can register in several ways.

1)  Register online by clicking here (

Email:  This form can be submitted via email to

Fax:  This form can be printed out and faxed to +852 3011 6803

2)  Seminar Fee

Enclose a cheque, made payable to Asia Franchise Networks Ltd with this form and mail to:

Asia Franchise Networks Ltd

Unit 3, 6/F, Telford House, 16 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Alternatively, you can make payment directly into our bank account:

Bank name: China Citic Bank International

Account Name: Asia Franchise Networks Limited

Account Number: 7352144110

Please fax duly completed form and copy of deposit slip with your name and contact number to: +852 3011 6803

Or email us at:

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